Wildlife Tour Packages

Adventure seems synonymous to wildlife tour especially when it comes to jungle safari, camping under the stars in forests, bonfire along riverside and much more. The wildlife in India is as diverse as its people and culture. From the rainy jungles of Periyar to dry forests of Ranthambore, the country is home to the big cats, Royal Bengal Tiger, Leopard, Asiatic Lion, Asiatic Elephant, the Indian Wolf, foxes, wild crocodiles, species of deer and antelope, Indian wild dog (Dhole), monkeys, reptiles, rhinoceros, the Indian Bison and a countless variety of birds. Catering the interest of adventure seekers to an avid bird watcher, the flora and fauna of the country entices big number of tourists visiting India from all over the world while choosing the wildlife tour to India.

There are distinct popular National parks and wildlife sanctuaries which are wider spread all over the country. From Ranthambore in sandy Rajasthan, Binsar in hilly Uttarakhand, Gir in Gujarat to Kaziranga in Assam; every single wildlife sanctuary in India enriches with some rare and beautiful creation of Mother Nature. Majority of the national parks remain closed in July, August and September due to monsoon. The best time to plan a trip is in months of October to March. There are some sanctuaries in south India which remain open to visitors even during rainy season.

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