Honeymoon Tours

When it comes for planning a honeymoon tour, India attracts the huge number of newly wed couples because of its majestic beauty. India is only country where you will find unity in diversity, country where you can explore different states with different culture and beautiful destinations. It’s like having a platter with all delicious cuisines in front of you. There are fascinating hill stations, relaxing beaches, isolated places like sand dunes and peaceful islands, best of adventure sports, and dense greens that are capable of fulfilling everyone's desire.

There is much to do while on a honeymoon trip in India, you can spend some quality time with your partner, lying on the golden sands in coastal areas or staying in the lap of mothers’ nature in some resorts. You can also opt for soothing couple spa at resort, which will take you to the dreamy world. Spending special moments together with your partner on enchanting beaches, snowy hills, and serene backwaters or amidst dense coconut/palm groves is simply the best way to rejoice your honeymoon.

If you are looking for peaceful romantic beaches, lush greenery and soothing Ayurveda spa then Kerala is the right option for you. Kashmir, Manali, Shimla & Nanital are best honeymoon destinations, if you are looking for snowy peaks with romantic breeze, Goa is a beach destination, good for fun lovers and happening night life. North east India tour is another magnificent place to explore with your partner where you will find greenery all around with beautiful hills. Rajasthan tour package is also good option for those who love to stay in royal ambience, in palaces which are now turned into 5 star heritage hotels. This is just an introduction to wonderful places of India, there is much more to explore. Come and spend some holidays here and you will get to know it yourself.

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