Top 10 World Heritage Place In India

India being famous for its diverse culture has been the seat of the some early civilizations in the world. India was once called as golden sparrow as it had everything right from money, gold, agricultural land to divine beauty and rich heritage. It has seen some strongly established kingdoms, ultimate emperors, spiritual gurus, vibrant culture etc. leaving behind their unique footprints and a rich legacy. Such edifices and monuments which displays beautiful inspired art, which depict vital historical milestones, which holds extreme beauty or which remarkably represent any culture or progress have all been given the tag of World heritage Sites by UNESCO.

For those who wish to go for heritage tour in India should checkout following top 10 world heritage sites in India:

1. Taj Mahal in Agra, one of the Seven Wonders of the World is the best world heritage site, is the real token of love, built by Emperor Shah Jahan in memory of his beloved wife; Mumtaz. This is a very beautiful monument which is visited by huge number of tourists from all over the world.


2. Khajuraho Group of Monuments is a group of temples situated in Madhya Pradesh depicting the architectural expertise of craftsmen of the Rajput Chandela dynasty. Among group of 85 temples only 20 has survived as various attempts were made by Muslim rulers to demolish the temples and neglect thereafter.

3. Qutub Minar, was declared by UNESCO as World Heritage Site in 1993. It is the second tallest minaret in India, built by Qutab-Ud-Din Aibak to celebrate the success of Mohd. Ghori over his arch rival Prithvi Raj Chauhan as a victory tower and its construction was completed by Qutub-Ud-Din Aibak’s successors hence.

4. Fatehpur Sikri, former capital of Mughal dynasty before being abandoned by Akbar due to complete failure of water supply system. This well planned city was constructed by Akbar when he decided to shift his capital from Agra. It has been included in the list of World Heritage Site by UNESCO because of the reason that it stands as one of the best examples of Mughal architectural delicacy.

5. Sun Temple in Konark, Odisha is dedicated to the Sun God and was constructed very beautifully in the form of a very large ratha (a chariot). Bearing magnificent carvings with twelve pair of wheels and the chariot being driven by seven horses with detailed craftwork done, it looks divine and impressive. Interesting thing is that the wheels are actually sun dials which makes it a hotspot for the people interested in ancient astronomy. It was given the title of World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1984.

6. Group of Monuments at Hampi in Karnataka are richly preserved ruins of one of the greatest Hindu primitive empires which worth a visit. From the exceptionally carved Dravidian architecture to temples such as Achyutaraya, Narasimha, Vitthala and Virupaksha, holds history very beautifully.

7. Ajanta Caves, This group of caves is very famous in all parts of the world. Paintings, being the main highlight of the caves, display the artistry of the people in ancient era. The paintings are inspired by Jataka Tales. Greenery carpet, hills and magnificent views make this place remarkable one.

8. Ellora Caves, Ellora Caves are a collection of beautifully designed 34 caves dating back from 600 to 1000 AD. The Hindu, Jain and Buddhist sculptures and architecture in these caves portrays a perfect story for the religious and cultural tolerance that has boomed across the Indian subcontinent since ancient times.

9. Kaziranga National Park is famous for its great one-horned rhinoceros and abundance of biodiversity spots. The Assam Government has made huge efforts to preserve the range of flora and fauna here.

10. Mahabodhi Temple is one of the most revered temples of Buddhism located in Bodh Gaya, Bihar. It is believed that Lord Buddha attained enlightenment here. Emperor Ashoka visited the spot after approximately 200 years of Buddha’s enlightenment and this place was so much touched to his heart that he decided to establish a monastery and shrine here.

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